Episode 3

Trek To Broadway - The Allegiance Docu-Series

Episode 3: Art Isn’t Easy Set during World War II, Allegiance is rooted in the actual events surrounding the wrongful imprisonment of Japanese Americans following Pearl Harbor. It’s a topic that many wonder how it might translate into a musical. Once the show is slated for its Broadway opening on November 8, 2015, the marketing and creative team begin to work overtime to tackle all the issues of mounting a ground-breaking production. Photoshoots, creative meetings and design elements start to command everyone’s attention and the team fights to bring all the elements together to create an entertaining and unforgettable night in the theatre. Will we be able to make something beautiful? Will anyone take the chance on this new show? As the marquee goes up on the Longacre Theatre, you will witness all the behind-the-scenes decisions that led to this poignant moment.

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