Episode 4

Trek To Broadway - The Allegiance Docu-Series

Trek To Broadway (Episode Four): The Point Of No ReturnPosted by George Takei on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Episode 4: The Point Of No Return The cast has been assembled and it is time to bring the show to life. Led by director, Stafford Arima, and choreographer, Andrew Palermo, the company of Allegiance has four short weeks in the rehearsal room before moving into the Longacre Theatre. The tension builds as songs, scenes and choreography are all being scrutinized and the collaboration process is put to the test. Filmed at New 42 Studios in Times Square and featuring the song “What Makes A Man” sung by actor, Telly Leung, (Godspell, “Glee”), this episode is the point of no return for a show that’s doing everything it can to make it to the Broadway stage in New York City.


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