Episode 5

Trek To Broadway - The Allegiance Docu-Series

Trek To Broadway (Episode Five) – Moving Too Fast Posted by George Takei on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Episode 5: Moving Too Fast It’s a race against the clock as the hours in the rehearsal studio wind down and the company prepares to take the show into the Longacre Theatre. Everyone is moving in a million different directions as changes to the script, score and staging are thrown at the actors. In order to be ready for the first preview on October 6th, George Takei and Lea Salonga have to take time to do costume fittings with acclaimed costume designer, Alejo Vietti (Beautiful: the Carole King Musical). Amongst the flurry of activity, the camera gets a glimpse at the how the story that inspired the musical impacts the actors. Many of the company members of Allegiance have a personal connection to the Japanese American internment experience. In this episode, cast member, Greg Wantanabe, reveals what feels so important about bringing this story to life while portraying the real-life head of the Japanese American Citizens League, Mike Masaoka.

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