Driven by the passion and authenticity offered by Mr. Takei, CHANGE Arts humbly thanks you for bringing Allegiance into your classroom and bringing your classroom to Allegiance. You’ll note this Guide is broken into 5 sections:

  1. ALLEGIANCE AND HISTORY: Here you can read more specifically about the show and its related history. 
  2. EXPLORING ALLEGIANCE: The activities in this section use the historical circumstances of Allegiance to create a more personal frame for your students. 
  3. SEEING ALLEGIANCE: Not to miss an opportunity to engage your students in dialogue, use the questions and small exercises in this section to structure conversations with your class about the personal and historical context of the show. 
  4. THE QUESTION OF ALLEGIANCE: The post-show exercises ask your students to engage in the complicated questions and realities that Japanese Americans faced during World War II. 
  5. AFTER ALLEGIANCE: Continue your class investigation by using an activity to explore a related incident that goes beyond Allegiance while pulling on the information learned from the show.

As we wrote this Guide, we discovered that our central questions revolved around ideas of loyalty, patriotism, and identity, and how and why those ideals so often come into conflict. We also want to give breath and respect to the generational arguments and possible trauma these decisions have on people and families. You’ll note these types of questions throughout the Guide. 

We hope with the assistance of this Guide, Allegiance will be an impactful and inspiring event for you and your students. 

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