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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Allegiance Tour?
At this time, there is no plan for a national or international tour. However, we hope that changes as our time on Broadway progresses.

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Is educational information available?
Yes! Please visit our Educators’ Page for relevant information on educational experiences, including activities and workshops.

We have a downloadable guide that serves as an excellent companion to attending the show and is fully aligned to the New York State Social Studies Framework, the Common Core, and the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Theater.

Educators’ Page

How can I help educate students?
 Allegiance has partnered with Inspire Change Broadway, an innovative arts program that partners with commercial theater productions to provide schools and communities across the tri-state area with subsidized tickets and high-impact educational experiences. Inspire Change Broadway’s programming is developed in tandem with productions, drawing on and contributing to their research and artistry, in order to create the most effective tools to educate communities, foster dialogue, and inspire change.

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Did this really happen?
 Allegiance is a musical dramatization of real events.

To learn more about the Japanese American internment of World War II, visit Fact or Fiction.

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Where can I listen to the music?
 Allegiance music is currently available on a 6-track EP featuring songs and cast from our 2012 World Premiere at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California.

This EP is available for purchase online and at the Longacre Theatre, and is available to stream on Spotify.


A full Original Broadway Cast Recording will be released in early 2016.

How else can I engage with your show?
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