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Lorenzo Thione

Co-Lead Producer, Book

LORENZO THIONE has been part of the production team of numerous productions on and off Broadway since 2008. His Broadway and Touring credits include the 2008 Broadway production of Slava’s Snowshow and the 2009 Broadway debut Green Day’s American Idiot, both of which were nominated for Tony Awards as best productions in their respective categories, as well as the national tour of Xanadu (all as Associate Producer).

As the lead producer of Allegiance, Lorenzo has assembled an experienced and veteran Broadway team, and brings a fresh and creative perspective to the challenges of commercial theatre production. Mr. Thione is an experienced entrepreneur, a product and marketing expert, and is the co-founder and Chief Executive of The Social Edge, an innovative media & digital marketing company that spearheaded the marketing and social media reach for both George Takei’s brand and Allegiance.

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